The Vultures


Книга "The Vultures"

Авторы: Mark Hannon

Издатель: Ingram

ISBN: 9781627203135

In 1970s rust belt Buffalo, jobs are disappearing, people are leaving—and the football franchise owner demands a new stadium or he'll move the beloved team. Developers make an incredible offer – a new development that will turn the city around, complete with a domed stadium for the team. Politicians flock onto the project, but their support comes with a price. Veteran detective Pat Brogan («Every Man for Himself») is sent by the District Attorney to investigate, and he and wife Rita have trouble at home—one son in Vietnam and another in college where the anti-war protests are turning violent. In a society and a family that are coming apart, World War II veteran Brogan must handle the changes or lose everything that's precious to him.



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